Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.20.2 APK for Android

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Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)Extend the battery life for the smart phone and any android devices with Battery Doctor. It is free power saving software which can save the battery usage up to 50%. The app has been used by more than 150 million android and iOS owners to find settings and apps that drain the life of the battery on the devices.

BD is powered by Cheetah Mobile, a reputable app developer has launched various tool apps which can be used professionally and easily with its supporting languages up to 19. It boosts longer active duration for the smart phone and gives the users details about battery info and help charging in healthy way with unique system of 3 level charging.

Discover the cause of draining power. Adjust the setting to drain and disable unneeded apps that can reduce the battery life.

BD can accurately calculate the remaining time of power under a variety of condition like playing games, WiFi activation.

BD regulates the professional charging with 3 level charging system which is uniquely designed to make sure that the battery charged properly and does not experience over charge. It also can supervise and regulate battery consumption.

Equipped with task killer widget to optimize the battery usage properly, the widget will help managing data, WiFi switch, brightness and set mode to save power.

Main Highlights

  • Turn off unneeded apps that consume the battery
  • One click tasks killer to use
  • Switch off apps when off screen is active
  • Accurate battery and charging remaining estimation time
  • Set modes to save power for certain circumstances such as class, sleep, work and etc
  • Unique system of 3 level charging
  • Toggles to connectivity features like data, Bluetooth, and WiFi
  • CPU setting for root phones
  • Power temperature
  • Charging tips and user friendly interface
  • Supporting over 15 languages

BD fans can participate to beta trial group. Be the first to try the latest updates, bug reports and contact creators.

BD can extend and save power life so the devices can be used longer. Full charge should plug in when the battery is 20% and do not over charged. Wait until the 3 Stage charging are fully done. Use the power saving mode to kill not important phone functions which can drain the battery but not significantly used. BD is easy to use by a Task Killer widget which will appear in home screen.

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