Bloons TD Battles v 3.8.1 MOD Apk [Unlimited Money]

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Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1 1Description
You could play various choices of mobile game on your mobile phone these days. Just like PC or console games, mobile games also came in various choices of genre as well from racing, adventure, puzzle, sports, even to RPG. One of the most exciting genres of mobile game that you could find these days is battle game. If you’re looking for mobile battle game with exciting gameplay and great storyline, Bloons TD Battles might be the best choice for you. Unlike other battle games, Bloons TD Battles came with unique interface that could improve your gaming experience. Bloons TD Battles also could be considered as head-to-head strategy mobile game as well since you might need to use your own tactics to win the battle against your enemy. This mobile game is basically the latest version from its predecessor, Bloons TD 5. This new Bloons TD is also designed for multiplayer mode as well so that you could play his game against your friends who also install this game on their mobile phone.

There are several great features that you could find on Bloons TD Battles. One of the most notable features that you could find in this mobile game is its eighteen choices of custom battles track. Each battle track came with amazing design and great details. The environment came with colorful details that will make you enjoy this game in more exciting way. This game allows two players to battle each other in head-to-head platform. The game is designed to give you the optimal gaming experience. Other great feature that you could find in this game is monkey towers with amazing design. There are 20 monkey towers that are available in this game along with 8 powerful upgrades for each tower. This game also offers two playing modes, the assault mode and the defensive mode.

Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1

Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1

Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1

Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1

Bloons TD Battles v2.0.1

In assault mode, you have to manage strong defenses on the tower and send the bloons directly to attack your enemy. In defensive mode, you need to increase your income and use your superior defenses to outlast your challenger. Other great feature that is available in this game is Monkey Tower Boost. You could use this feature to supercharge monkey towers in order to produce faster attack in limited time. You also could use feature called Bloons Boost as well. This feature allows you to increase the power of your Bloons to attack the opponent in Assault Mode. There are also 16 awesome achievements that you could claim in this game. You also could connect this game to your social media account to challenge your friends in private matches that you create.

Hack Features:

  • Infinite cash/Money (required to build towers)
  • NO upgrade cost

Hack Instructions:

  • Install apk file
  • To get infinite cash/money just build one tower and then sell it.

Direct Download Link
1. Infinite Medallions
2. Infinite Energy.
3. Massive Battle Score.
4. Infinite Tacs.

Bloons TD Battles v3.8.1 MOD Apk

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