Boss Must Die v 1.3.51 MOD Apk [Unlimited Money]

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Boss Must Die* Defeat hundreds and thousands of bosses in multiple modes and challenges!
* Level up your 6 heroes and find powerful weapons for them!
* Find gears in treasure, relic and jewelry chests!
* Unlock 6 unique active skills to use them in battle!
* Boost with hundreds of soul updates!
* Cloud save to security your save data!

Developed by Clexp

Legend Of Big Numbers:

K Thousand (Kilo) 1000 (10^3)
M Million 10^6 1000K
B Billion 10^9 1000M
t trillion 10^12 1000B
q quadrillion 10^15 1000t
Q quintillion 10^18 1000q
s sextillion 10^21 1000Q
S septillion 10^24 1000s
o octillion 10^27 1000S
n nonillion 10^30 1000o
d decillion 10^33 1000n
U undecillion 10^36 1000d
D duodecillion 10^39 1000U
T tredecillion 10^42 1000D
Qt quattuordecillion 10^45 1000T
Qd quindecillion 10^48 1000Qt
Sd sexdecillion 10^51 1000Qd
St septendecillion 10^54 1000Sd
O octodecillion 10^57 1000St
N novemdecillion 10^60 1000O
v vigintillion 10^63 1000N
c unvigintillion 10^66 1000v

Scientific Notations After 10^67

What’s New
1. localization bug fix
2. update hero icons
3. press back button will quit the application immediately
4. display purchase amount for item “extra soul” in diamond store
5. cloud save optimization
6. update item price
!! For Kongregate player, if you want to transfer for data from to your mobile phone, please visit:

Additional Information
February 5, 2016
100 – 500
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3 and up
Content Rating
Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity

Boss Must Die1

Boss Must Die2

Boss Must Die3

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Boss Must Die v1.3.51 Apk
Boss Must Die v1.3.51 MOD Apk

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