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BotaniculaAdventure game lover must be familiar with the game maker, Amanita Design in which the previous works has won award in the game called Machinarium. Now, another adventure is brought for you by this game maker still in exploring game with the inserted humor to refresh mind and hook the laugh, they now proudly present Botanicula where the journey of little cute tree-like creatures embark to fascinating adventure.

The players must take charge the main heroes while cross the environment, help puzzle solve and collecting objects that are necessary for the hurdles that will appear in their journey. The character can communicate with other objects of the game and discover the easter eggs that are available in the prosperous biomes. Bringing the similar concept with Machinarium, there is no written or spoken dialogue.

It is a game to point and click in operation that also very relaxing to all gamers who want to relax their mind after playing hardcore genres. With mission that challenge the mind but will not be that hard as action or rouge game with hack and clash type.

The multiple protagonists get involved in the rescue quest of their home forests, the five creatures, Mr. Lantern as the main, with his four companions, Mt. Twig, Mr. Mushroom, Mr. Feather and Mr. Poppy Head must face the Spiders, the villain of the game from their attack in their home tree. The humor-filled exploration game has won some awards from many prestigious game critics in numerous categories. Audio award from IGF Excellence, jayisfgames grants as Game of the Year, Best Story Design from IndieCade are some of the awards won by this game. Some game critics also deliver positive reviews as recommended game to check out and relaxed game with brilliant and bold design.


  • The game is developed by Amanita Design together with DVA, Czech band
  • Categorized as adventure game with features of humor
  • This game requires quite large memory space up to 583 Mb
  • Some game items are offered to be purchased in app
  • The current version is 1.0.24
  • Android devices support this game operation with minimum series of 2.2 Froyo or higher
  • Available discount in certain period of time


  • Explore over one hundred and fifty areas in details
  • Funny animations are tons to enjoy, here is the humor inserted and you will laugh
  • Numerous amounts of bonuses is concealed and await to discover
  • Dva involves in this game development by providing music that also nominated and won some awards

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