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Candy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Soda Saga is the sequel of the famously successful Candy Crush Saga from the App Store. Starting out in Facebook, Candy Crush Saga has successfully reach a wide number of Facebook users, playing this epic game created by the team in King. The success finally bears another follow-up, although the new Soda Saga is not of much difference from its prequel. It is slightly improved in terms of graphics and colors, with basically the same feature and gameplay. The new added feature will be the popping soda bottles.

The basic rule of the game is still the same –matching and popping candies. However, there are a few new twists to the new Candy Crush Soda Saga. There are some new items such as frosting, gummy candy bears, and honey. You will need to match candies and smash the frostings first in order to find the hidden gummy bears. After finding those gummy bears, just like usual, you need to match them and pop them out. It works similarly with the honey. You need to release the trapped gummy bears from the honey before setting them out. There are also some additional cute items that you can get such as the Swedish Fish (by matcing 4 candies in a row) and Coloring Candy (by matching 7 candies). In the case of Coloring Candy, it is a very rare chance, as setting a row of 5 is difficult already, let alone setting up 7 matching candies. However freaking difficult it is, the possibility is there, giving players a rush of excitement in solving the puzzles and getting all the bonuses provided.

Candy Crush games are always identified with its mouthwatering sweet details and excitingly colorful environments. It does not change here. The graphic is still juicy and fluffy with hints of delicacy in the appearance of the food. There are also a bit of improvement in the direction of the game. In the old Candy Crush Saga, you will be directed to possibilities of 3 matching candies when you have been stuck for sometime. In its improved version, the game will direct you into forming a set of matching candies that enable you to make special candies. Of course, these are all mere suggestions from the game which may or may not help you in completing the game. You should not rely solely on the direction.

Candy Crush Soda Saga is still the same strategy puzzle game, in which players are required to make careful decision of moves to be able to reach the objectives of each level. However, if you would like to have fun, you can just pop the candies and expect some interesting bonuses that will excite you from time to time.

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