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Champ-Man-15Football or soccer has always been popular sport loved by a lot of people. There are many games with football or soccer as the theme and one of them is Championship Manager. The mobile version for Android and iOS is known as Champ Man. The game is not simply about conducting matches with different teams. The game is more about the management of a virtual football team. If you ever felt curious about being in the management of large football club, you may want to play this one game. Feel free to do whatever you can in managing your team.

While playing Champ Man 15, you will get the real challenges faced by every manger of the football team. Get the chance of being famous football club manager. There will be thousands of players signed up at more than 440 clubs available from 23 playable leagues. Take over the club and live your dream of being football club manager. Take time to train the new players. Design training programs for the entire team including putting the particular individuals in training for particular targets. Think about the best winning strategy, best formation for the team, give the best strategic instructions and see the result in the match day.

The followings are updates or changes made in the game for the better gaming experience in the latest version of Champ Man 15.

  • Buttons for the FACEBOOK Leaderboard and Google Play achievements have been added.
  • Fixing miscellaneous in-game bugs.
  • Improved tactical control with the best match engine.
  • Optimization of the game for the faster gaming experience.

Champ Man 15 is designed for the true lovers of football. There will be emotion and tension felt in the game as they felt in real life. All of them can be acquired by easily play this one game.

Grab the chance to get the super fun and thrilling experience as the manager of football club. The game supports several languages aside of English. There will be French, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The things felt by the manager of great football club are now in at your fingertips. Feel the tension and all upside down of emotion by being the manager. Be the one behind the scene of every match of your favorite team. All of them will be acquired by simple tree steps of download, install and play the game.



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