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By | December 13, 2014

Clash of Gangs is the newest battle game in Android. This game is a game that orders you to build your own soldier, undefeated bosses, military-grade strike Choppers. By forming the alley, you could be carrying out your gang to carry out a combat mission and attack other players around the world. Create your own strategy to protect your reputation as a leader of the biggest and the worst crew gang of all. This game requires Internet network and cannot be played online. This is a multiplayer game and a survival game by hiring your troops. You can Participate with other players and build your own buildings.

Clash Of Gangs

The Quality of the Game

There are some best qualities given in this game. The first is the full quality 3D graphics. The game is designed in 3D with street view style. Second is free to play. To play this game, you do not need to have a domain or purchase it. The third is, it has more than 20 gang and boss. They can be built larger and more perfect. The fourth is rank up your way to get the highest and the most popular gang and organized crime. Fifth is creating your rep to take control of the leader boards. This game has been updated to the satisfaction of players. For further assistance you can use your IGG ID.

Types of Gang

There are two types of member in this game. Firstly is soldier. Soldier is a basic hire combat unit. It cannot be controlled to do their battle but they will be attacked by themselves based on their instinct and their target. If the soldier dies while fall upon, it will be died forever and cannot be regenerated. If your soldier is protecting your own base, it will be regenerated by itself afterward. Lastly is the boss. This is the main unite to be used to attack your opponent. Every boss starts at the beginning of the game and given a random skill which could increase by consuming other bosses’ stimulants. The boss potency can be rerolled in the bar by purchasing 300 gold. Place your boss on a Boss Base to do its missions and get more experiences. You cannot place the bosses at the same place at once but you can give the duplicate one in the Garrison Tower.

The Methods

You will have several methods for your units. First one is, it has limitless energy. Second one is the endless health. Third one is high destruction. Fourth on is the best array.

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