Download Full Fxguru: Movie FX Director [MOD] V2.1.0 Apk Free Download

By | March 1, 2015

Fxguru Movie FX Director

Creating a video by using Android is fun for some of you. The result will be perfect if you give the video with special effect. If you think that you have to be an expert to give effect to the video. What you have to do is downloading specific app known as Fxguru. By using this app, you can give special effects to your video.

Those effects are including horror effect, sci-fi effect and action effect. To get maximal result, you can just download the latest version namely Fxguru Movie FX Director [MOD] v2.1.0. It will be complete if you also download the APK. Because of this APK, you can enjoy several new features which support your video with special effect. You don’t have to be a professional video editor to have a video just like a Hollywood film. For example, your video looks cool along with a lot of visual FX. You can create an outstanding explosion video, the most scary horror video or a great sci-fi video. You will also supported by feature known as Motion Match technology. This technology gives you a chance to add realistic movement to your video. It seems that you have to download the full version of Fxguru v2.1.0 APK because you will get 11 free effects to use. Later, you can use new effects such as dancing skeleton, piano drop, UFO shuttle, TNT barrel, dancing droid, and many more. In short, you can create shocking videos to attract your viewers.

Just imagine! You can create a video in which it seems that you are capturing ghost. It looks real and viewers will be difficult to differentiate between the real and the effect. To make your editing process easy to do, you have to improve your android to 4.3version. The bugs available on the previous version have been fixed along with some improvements. Discount effect packs are also offered to increase your creativity in creating attractive video. This latest version is also including 24 cinematic filters. The most important thing is that you don’t need to get confuse to find the APK because you can download it here. Everything is free so you don’t have to spend extra money only to get the full version of Fxguru v2.1.0 APK. The links presented here help you a lot and it is good for newbie or beginner video editors who want to create a fascinating video in short time and simple.

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