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Dungeon Hunter 5Dungeon Hunter 5 is the latest version of the legendary Dungeon and Dragons, with the same focus of ceating action games. Developed by the Gameloft team, Dungeon Hunter 5 offers the same fist-fight and slashing adventure with lots of improved rooms from the previous versions. The story revolves around the Kingdom of Valenthia, which was destroyed by the demon invasion. The mission is to keep the kingdom safe from future attacks, and to cast the monsters back into the darkness so that peace will be secured, and the people can re-build the kingdom and their lives.

Some of the new features are:

Single player missions

This allows players to embark on a single journey in five realms with various kinds of monsters. You will be given chances to hunt everything and kill all those monsters which are of potential disaster to your homeland. The combat sessions are pretty short and much more fluid.

Cooperative missions

Aside from the single combat missions, players are also given choices to cooperate socially by hiring your friends to help you accomplish your missions of slashing demons, dragons, and become a brave monster-hunter.

Stronghold Mode

During your single adventures, you will be rewarded with minion cards along the way. You can put these minion cards in your stronghold and use them as a way of upgrading your skills. You can also use them in battles by managing and defending them to beat other players and take their stronghold.

Customize Your Suits and Gears

The players are given 5 different kinds of armors and weapons to choose from. These 5 include 5 elemental types of attack tools; water, fire, light, nature, and dark. Using these 5 elements, you can have differing weapons and spells to slash the monsters. There are up to 46 pieces of armor, 150 swords, and many other battling tools that you can choose to slay monsters. You can customize according to your specific needs and condition, as well as according to each weapon’s attack speed and strength.

There are also 2 systems that comprise the game, which are the separate timer systems and a currency system on randomized loot. You will have to discover how they work by yourself as the game does not really provide a clear explanation on each system. Although the Dungeon Hunter 5 has little information on missions’ difficulty and some other things, the game is still quite challenging and exciting, especially for adventure lovers.

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