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Extreme-Landings-ProHave you always been interested in the simulation game? Maybe if you are bored with the various types of simulation games that are not interesting anymore, so from now it’s time to have Landings Extreme Pro. This is a simulation game that looks like in reality. You can feel a new experience that is hard to forget.

This game offers a variety of advantages that has never existed before. You can have the experience of being a fighter pilot with the same controls as the physical equipment in the aircraft. You can develop the ability to fly the aircraft. This game provides the opportunity for everyone to thrive with various flight situations. In fact, this game also allows you to feel the aircraft flight journey of the most important in the world.

Equipment and Simulation

Aircraft require you control completely. You can get a wide range of flight of fantasy that looks like in reality. You could face a wide variety of serious conditions in flight and are required to complete all missions. Players will experience a very new like feel fear when faced with difficult conditions, to control all the devices in the dashboard and found a wide range of solutions to more than 4500 in the difficult conditions of flight.

In this game also provided a variety of commands for all pilots. There are about 150 exams to get admission in the ability to fly a plane. There are various kinds of aviation such as the introduction of the area and the navigation system to be controlled. There are approximately 499 airports around serving online weather news. So, prepare yourself to complete more than 30 missions.

Game Features

1. Follow more than 35 missions with a variety of weather challenges, features and location of other flight conditions.

2. There are about more than 160 challenges to gain recognition graduation.

3. Image display a more convenient airport for the game.

4. You can enjoy an emergency landing tricks and tested with special classes.

5. A feature that is very real for all types of landing.

6. You can adjust the various capabilities of the aircraft with flight testing at various levels.

7. Players can also create a command display with a variety of settings.

This game will make all players feel like to fly a plane. You can realize your desire to love the world of aviation and new get experiences




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