Gods Rush Apk + MOD (Unlimited Energy) v1.1.40 for android

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gods_rush-logoGod Rush Mod can be your alternative to fill the collection of android games in your android phone. It is an RPG games which gives collaborative storyline for the user. It encompasses basically about battle of Gods. There are bad Gods and good Gods in this world. As the good God, you are required to make your team of Gods in order to bring this world in normal situation. The issue is started when the Pandora box is opened. If the item has been placed to the hands of wrong person, the world can come into chaos. In my opinion, this game is suitable for general users, either boys or girls. The storyline is quite complicated that can boost your creativity yet simple and the characters are cute enough for some girls.

To get your level up, you need to gain what so-called as EXP, an abbreviation of experience. Always check the quest which can be found on your right screen. You can find missions that provide wide-ranging bonus experience that may help you to boost your level. Some missions also offer other rewards, such as energy and coins. For instance, you can get 30 energies by inviting your friends to play this game. Like other RPG games features, you can haunt monsters to get some items and experiences also. You can use five characters in this game as to kill the monsters or enemies. It is noteworthy that your characters have different skills and weapons as to kill the enemies. You may think this issue as your strategies in the battle. You can also obtain different weapons and armors to be put on your characters. Good weapons may cause severe damage to your enemies. Solid armors may also protect your character against the attack of the enemies. In addition, your character is blessed with special kids to create awful damage to the enemies. Thus, finishing your daily request is necessary.

The good thing is that this game does not have advertising pop up appears on your screen during playing the game. For some users, the pop-up can be disturbing as you can wrongly touch the advertisement and open it automatically through your browser. It is annoying since it is happening in the middle of the game. The latest version of this game is available for free in your Google play market. It has reached 1 million downloads which is a remarkable achievement. In addition, it is rated for 4.6 stars averagely by over 100 thousands users.




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