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GPS Waypoints NavigatorGPS Waypoints Navigator can convert the smart phone into the strongest GPS for android devices. GWN is now the world’s most used smart phone navigation system. The navigating options are available in dozens. Back country, roadways, waterways are set in tool which is user friendly and ready to help you navigating. Don’t worry if there is no network situation because multiple sources of offline maps support the app that only need nice view of the sky.

Share essential location info with friends who will enable to guide to your most liked way spots and discover the most favored trails.

GWN Management Systems features:

– New in latest update is file system of Waypoint

– Photography

– Online and offline navigation maps. Offline use require cache maps

– Multiple map sources

– Import and Export KML file to way spots and trails which can be navigable and seeable on other device and Google Earth

– GPS parameters are equipped in a panel

– Compass for navigation

– Recorder for trail

– Military coordinate discoverer

– Creation tools for waypoint including input coordinates, set a way spot by map tapping, save the current position and input an address with support of voice entry

– Double Waypoint Navigation Systems offers dynamic compass to direct target and GPS RPR for the fresh system in navigation

– Map seek

– Satellite reports, mailing map, marine navigation, proximity notification

– Some coordinate formats are available

– Some offline use features when there is a condition of no network connection

– Data loss prevention in battery change

The premium app has no promotional banner


– Driving maps and direction of turn by turn

– Compasses are controlled by two options to choose by magnetic or GPS. Magnetic control can be used for difficult to reach areas such as underground, indoor or cave

– Unit reporting is customizable

– Help file is detail

– Prominent customer service

– Multiple language supports the app from spanish, portuguese, russian, german, english and chinese

GPS Waypoints Navigator 2

The latest updates add several new points to enhance the performance of this app and ease the users in using the GWN both in presentation or features.

The GWN users are now able to opt in using several types of navigation system for more accurate navigation and sometime, a network connection is require to be available.

This app will definitely make the navigation experience will be as much easier as walk in the park.

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