Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Full + Data + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.7 Android

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Grand Theft Auto Vice CityLooking for a fun arcade game which can be played anytime and anywhere? Go playing the ‘Grand Thefts Auto Vice City’ which is really such a good choice to be installed for your android devices.

This game will dive the players to the moment of ‘80s in the Vice City with all the distinctive style of such the time where you will find the stylish pastel yet excess outfits with the good looking big hair which dominate the style in that time. That is when and where a man who is in the piles of crimes which becomes the story of this game. The city becomes the proper yet great digital city that has the great complete things which can be found. It is combining the perfect game play which is really challenging with the great narrative which is driven by the characters. Now it is brought to your android mobile devices after such the ten years. Of course, the better graphic is also given with its high resolution. The updated yet better controls provide the players the better experience on playing the game. The new features are also obtained from the better effects on lighting and also the models of the characters in the game.

  • There are the controls which can be custom set. That is including for the layout which can be set as what you want.
  • There is also the new feature on the options for targeting and firing which is precisely tailored for giving the comfort.
  • The great game play for the countless hours with full of fun for the players.
  • This game is also integrated with the tactile effects of the immersion which make this game feels that real and fun.
  • This game is also compatible to the MoGa Wireless Controller for the game.
  • Another new feature of the great adjustable setting for the graphic and also language for the better visual on playing the game.

The languages which are supported for this game are various as like Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, and of course English. You can choose the setting of the language for giving you the comfort and convenience.

The game of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” is available for various types of android phones now, such like Sony Xperia Play, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Walkman in Z series, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy R, and many more.

This game is already tested to those android devices. However, you can check to for getting the further updates regarding to the list of the devices which are compatible.

If you have downloaded it or the download has finished, you can reboot your device before playing the game. That is a good idea for the optimal and better performance on your device.





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