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Kingo Root is one of rooting application that can be used for some types of Android. This rooting application is still relatively new compared to other applications. But in its development, the developer of kingo root application has claimed that their application has simple and quick features, so everybody can do rooting their devices easily.

However, before using kingo root app, you need to know in advance what the root is. Root is a system account that will give you carte blanche to gain access and run all files. By rooting, the user can add, subtract, or modify files or data that is located on their Android system in the standard state when the files are not accessible (before rooting).


The purpose of rooting our devices is giving full rights to the Android users in order to be able to enter into the Android system. Most android system has been locked by the manufacturer which aims to ensure your android device to function in good condition.

The advantages of rooting our Android:

  • Can upgrade Android Custom ROM
  • Can have unlimited access to the android system
  • Can increase the devices abilities such as RAM, internal memory, adding speed and so on. (Can be accessed by a particular application)
  • Can use applications that require Root

The disadvantages of rooting our Android:

  • Android warranty is no longer valid
  • Susceptible to virus attacks

Well, Kingo Root Apk is quite easy to use because it is only using one click to root. It means that you only need to wait the root processes runing with just one click. The result will be visible once the rooting processes are completed. Kingo root indir requires the PC / computer or laptop. Because of that, it needs some preparation and equipment before performing this kingoroot apk.

Before starting the process of rooting, first check whether your Smartphone is included as the smartphone that can use Kingo Android root

Here is some brand of mobile phones that can use Kingo root application:

– Samsung devices
– HTC devices
– LG devices
– Google nexus devices
– Sony xperia devices
– Motorola devices
– Huawei devices
– Lenovo devices
– Micromax devices
– Acer devices
– ASUS devices

Once you checked but it turns out that your Smartphone does not exist in the list, then do not proceed. However, if your Smartphone is included in the list, then read the instruction below how to use Kingo root.

Precaution before using kingo root application

You have to really realize that rooting will erase the warranty on the device, as well as opening all the cracks settings. So it is not impossible if there are some common people who use your mobile phone or tablet and make a setting mistake which will make your device damaged and have some trouble such as hang and boot lops.

Preparation before using Kingo root

  • You have to ensure that your android’s battery is charged at least 50%. Because if during the process of root your android device die because of running out of battery, it will make the Android system becomes error and can even be boot loop.
  • Provide data cable according to the type of android devices that you use as media to connect an Android device to your PC / computer.
  • Download and install the driver on the PC according to the type of your android device. If you have a backup / CD driver you can install it directly on your PC. If you do not have it, please look for it first. You can either ask your friends or download it.
  • Download Kingo root application, and then install the kingo root exe on PC.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android device in order to open up access to other media that is connected to your Android device. Go to the menu Settings and Developer Options then check or enable USB Debugging.
  • However, if the USB Debugging on your device does not appear / hidden, you can go first to the menu Settings > About > Information > press 7x in the Build Number to display a notification that said “You are now a developer”. Afterwards, go back to the menu Settings, Developer Options and USB Debugging check.

How to root Android by using Kingo root:

  1. Run the KingoRoot application.
  2. Connect your android device to a PC using a data cable. If the driver is installed properly, then KingoRoot will detect your device. But if not, you should check whether the drivers are installed correctly or not, or the USB Debugging has been activated or not.
  3. Make sure the connection is stable. Do not touch or pull out the cable until the rooting process is completed.
  4. After you enable the USB debugging mode, then you will see a pop-up prompt on the screen. You just need to check a box that said “Always allow from this computer”. If there is no prompt window, it may be a problem with your internet connection.
  5. Move to the kingo android root interface, you will see a notification and conditions before rooting. If you are sure about the impacts that will occur afterwards, you can press “ROOT”.
    It will require some minutes to finish the procedure. The time needed to do the process is varied and depended on distinct objective form such as connection, network, mobile phone model and others.
  6. You will see the device rebooting for several times. No needs to panic or revoke, touch, and move it, as it is the usual process.
  7. If the rooting process is successful, you will see “ROOT SUCCEEDS” notice.
  8. Please clique “Finish” to reboot your device.
  9. When your Smartphone has successfully rebooted itself, Kingo Root will make a continuation with your Smartphone. Pop screen will appear on it. Click “Grant” to allow the supersuser privilege. Check your device and search SuperSU application, which is a sign of a success root.
  10. Kingo Root PC will now display your device status as YES. Now, you have a choice to detach the root from your device with just one click as well.


  1. You can detach your android device’s root by using Kingo android root with just one click.
  2. You are able to check out that your device has been successfully root or not by using the Root Checker app.
  3. In case your device is not acknowledgeable by your PC, then you have to install the right drivers

Or if Kingo Android root is not supported in your device or kingo root failed, here are several tips for you.

  1. Go to Troubleshoot sector.
  2. Save the file log.
  3. Send Email to with particular explanation and specified information of the device for example device’s model, kernel version, its build number, and others. Provide the log file as attachment will be better.

Kingo android root features

  1. Supports almost all Android devices and all versions of Android.
  2. The application is 100% FREE.
  3. Ultra software is safe and without risk.
  4. The easiest root android app you have ever seen.
  5. No risk of bricking or damage your device.
  6. Tested extensively by millions of Android users around the world with a highly success rate.
  7. Easy to use. You will just download, connect, click ROOT, and you are done!
  8. Remove root any time since kingo android root is equipped with an unroot function.

The benefits of using kingo android root

  1. Faster performance
  2. Conserve battery life.
  3. Root access only on application.
  4. Remove bloat ware on the device.
  5. The appearance can be customized.
  6. Achieve admin level permissions.

How to unroot your android by using kingo root

  1. If your android device is already rooting, the root status in kingo root will be YES. Well, to do unroot, you simply press the Remove Root button.
  2. If the unroot process is successful, then you will see the notification Remove ROOT Succeeded!
    To verify the root status of your Android, you can use the Root Checker app.


Unlike other rooting apps, KingoRoot is reliable software and has been extensively tested by android’s user and has been carefully programmed over the years. This application must be owned by every android user. It is able to root almost all android models from any manufacturer, even the latest android version.

The devices that have already rooting allow users to have a perfect system. The user can even turn off the notifications, remove bloat ware, extended battery life and so forth without the use of additional applications. However, you should be alert that rooting your device will make your device’s warranty is not valid anymore.

Root gives the Smartphone users who want to upgrade their Smartphone and provides maximum control over their own Smartphone numerous advantages. However, if the users have been satisfied with their standard Smartphone, the root process is not recommended. But after all, Kingo root is an easy solution to root your android.

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