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Lucky PatcherAnother great app to patch the android software and games and modify the device as the owner desires.

Lucky App Manager is one of android-based software to help the users patch some licensed provided by the android market. LP can be used to break down some license verification and confirmation in android apps.

Basically, Lucky Patcher is awesome tool app for the android owners who need to remove any promotional campaign which are usually contained in the downloaded game or applications. LP can also be used to modify the license and permission of the apps on the device. For those who need to restore and have backup for some important software installed. Sometimes, several apps and software are classified as premium and they have license verification, using the patching software, it can be bypassed.

LP Apk Mod New Points:

Accommodation about send logs and improve to inclinations

Translation refreshment

Bug fixed solution.

Lucky App Patcher has no promotional banners.

There are two different ability features offered by LA users based on the user types.

For non-root devices, LA Manager is able to do:

app installing and uninstalling

SD Card and Internal storage moving and returning

Filtering the app sorting

SD Card app installation

APk file backing up from the app manager

App sharing through several tools such as emails or Bluetooth feature

For rooted devices, LA Manager is able to do:

App setting backing up

Android API directory binder widget using less than 19

Default install spot setting in external or internal memory

Dalvik-case clearing

Chosen app to move to SD Card

Uninstalling the wanted apps

Odex all system and chosen apps

Freezing and unfreezing apps

Host files removing

Device rebootinh

Updating and moving app to system

Alert: relocate application function may not be successful on the device since the developer deletes the moving app function to external memory from android program.

New attribute is the fixing toward some device launches and firmware.

To install this app, the android version needed is 2.0 Éclair.

Provide 3 MB to install this app for the device.

Some in-app buying items are offered.

This tool app for android brought Free for All for Lucky.

Rooted device is necessary for maximum working and LP is still not working correctly in the latest android version of 5 Lollipop.

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