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Mazes of KarradashThe city of Karradash is under attack: the monsters of the Shadow Realms are emerging from the depths.
No adventurer is strong enough to defeat the horde alone, but the whole people of Karradash is ready to fight.

“Mazes of Karradash” is a first person dungeon crawl RPG (like “Dungeon Master”, “Eye of Beholder” and “Wizardry”). In this game you have to develop both the individual characters that the entire village.

Game features:

– 8 races.
– 8 classes, each with their own special skills and attributes.
– Permadeath: If your character dies is lost forever, but another, stronger adventurer from Karradash will be ready to replace it.
– 25 Dungeon levels.
– Improve the structures in the city to unlock new items, upgrade equipment, enhance future generations of adventurers and more.
– Dozens of weapons, armor and shields available: choose the best equipment for your fighting style.
– No Pay-to-win, No in-app-purchase of gold, diamonds, better equipment or other stuff: complete the game with your own skills. Old school.

* Faster loading times for battle screen.
* Now you can sacrifice an adventurer to an altar to obtain his soul. See game manual for details.
* New icons and graphics.
* “Calm Enemies” scroll last longer and allow you to sleep a little safer.
* Added an indicator when you get enough XP to level up.
* Gold pieces count is now displayed in the “Status Screen”.
* Fast item usage from main screen.

August 14, 2015
100 – 500
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3.3 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 7+
Implied Violence

Mazes of Karradash1

Mazes of Karradash2

Mazes of Karradash3

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