Modern Command 1.6.0 Apk (Original)

By | December 12, 2014

If you are interested to have military based game, modern command can be an alternative. The game is basically about protecting tower base from the terrorist attack. You will play as to receive the mission in protecting Earth supply called as Protonium. This item has real high value which makes the terrorist crave for such item. You will act like government agent as to protect protonium from bad people. Usually, the game user for this game is boy or male user. However, it can also provide girls or female with different scenery, in terms of military action game. The game concerns about 3-D graphic that can boost your mood in playing this game. It helps you to see your enemies which intended to attack your base effectively. You need to protect the central base where protonium is located safely. In the central base, you will be provided with various weapons that can be used to protect your base from the terrorist.

Modern Command

The first weapon that will be provided to protect your base is called as the blaze. The blaze functions the same as long-range missiles in order to attack group of terrorists in large area. There are various weapons that you can get later on until reach some higher levels. The weapons can cause different damages to the terrorist that can be used as your part of strategies. You have also option menu zoom in and zoom out in your screen to see the enemies clearer. You can use what so-called as stars to unlock some weapon which can cause severe damages to you enemy. Nevertheless, you should purchase this item with real cash through your credit card. However, if you are patient enough, those weapon are not necessary although it is really helpful for winning the game.

The background sounds for this game can help to boost your gaming mood. It sounds like theme song of action film that you surely like for. You can also connect with your friends within the scope of this game. However, you should have facebook account as social media base in this game. Hence, you will have to fight against the terrorist all over the worlds. This is a real genre of strategy games that you should try about. This can be downloaded freely from your android phone. It has reached 100 thousands download for your reference. In addition, it has been rated 4.1 stars by over 24 thousands users.

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