Naruto Senki v1.16 Fixed 2 APK

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Naruto SenkiNaruto Shippuden Senki for Android is a fighting and action game with 2D graphics are very good, especially for you as Naruto fans around the world. This Naruto Senki was made by Developer named ZAKUME or KOJIMA. For Battle Mode, each character has three jutsu that can be used to fight the enemy and there are also one or two special jutsu that you can get by buy it at the Skill Menu when character selection.

Game Missions: In the battle mode or practice, there are two different teams beat each opponent and destroy the tower to win the fight. Character you use will be on the left side of the battle arena, with the addition of two characters different players will be randomly selected and two rows of soldiers frogs. Similarly, the enemy team that will be chosen at random as well, and is on the right side of the arena.

What’s New in Version 1.16
• New Char:
-Aburame Shino.
-2 Jinchuriki : Han & Roshi

Apps Information

Android 2.2 and up



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