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NBA-JAM-by-EA-SPORTSBasketball might be one of the most popular types of sport that you could find these days. There are so many people who love to play basketball or watch basketball games on the field or on the TV. You also could find PC games that allow you to play basketball game on your PC. These days, you even could play basketball games on your mobile phone and other mobile device. There are various mobile games with basketball theme that you could find these days. However, if you want to get the best experience in playing basketball themed mobile game, NBA Jam from EA Sports might be one of the best mobile games with basketball theme that you could find these days. This mobile game combines great game play with amazing graphic quality.


NBA Jam offers a great game play with basketball thee where you could play your basketball team in order to create the best score. You could choose any favorite NBA stars that you will use as your character and control the player using your touch screen mobile devices. Here are various moves that you could perform in this mobile game. You character could jump, flying high, and do all the tricks that you might never see on basketball field before. This mobile game also offers three different game modes that will give you new experience in playing games with basketball theme. The game itself came with very amazing graphic quality that will increase your gaming experience effectively. The design of the characters and environment is very realistic and has really great details as well.


There are several interesting features that you could find in NBA Jam. These features are including:

  • Play Now. This feature allows you to choose the team and play the game using the team that you choose. Each team might have different ability and skills so you might need to consider your choice very carefully.
  • Classic campaign. In this mode, you need to defeat other teams in order to win the championship. You also could unlock several special items if you win the championship such as unlock legends, outrageous cheat, and hidden players.
  • Multiplayer and Local Version Update. You could play this game with your friend in multiplayer mode using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You also could install the latest update and sync the game with Google account of NBA Jam to find other new features.
  • The new features that are available online are including online game mode, build your career on the leader board, and get various achievements that could be seen globally.

All these features will make you feel more experiences while playing NBA Jam on your mobile phone.


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