Northern Tale 3 v1.0 APK + Data for Android

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Northern Tale 3Northern Tale 3 is a fun adventure game that you can play in your Android smart phones. This game will take you to the land of the Vikings! You have to be brave and have lion heart to survive. This game will still give the epic story of King Ragnar story all along with his family. The land of the Vikings was once a peaceful place but then there comes Gesta, an evil witch. The witch and all along her were later defeated and they were not threat anymore. But then, the evil rises and regains her power! They plan to destroy the land of the Vikings forever and peace will be history.

In this game, you will witness four sorcerer-kings have disappeared and leave their kingdom without power. The land then invaded by terrible monstrous creature. Then, you realize that Ether Dragon, an ancient creature, has used his power and cursed all four kings! He changed the kings into fierce elementals. In this game, you as Ragnar has to try your best to FREE THE KINGS, KILL ETHAN THE DRAGON, and SAVE THE DAY. Be the brave Viking hero and save your land!

This game will make you embark on a fantastic and incredibly epic quest to do your responsibility as a Viking. You have to save your peaceful land from the curse of the evil. Find this award-winning game in Google Play and start to turn yourself into a brave Viking. This casual strategy game will give you the best time in playing game with your smart phones. This adventure game is loaded with numerous epic stories and levels. Be the AMAZING VIKING KING and be the leader for your loyal followers into the dark worlds full of evil and curse to save the other kings. Defeat the horrifying mystical legends and face the ancient myths to save the day.

In this game, you as king Ragnar will have to travel through the kingdom. You will see numerous beautiful landscapes in every area of the kingdoms. Be brave and explore the outstanding forests! But be alarmed that the forests are haunted and can kill you. Encounter all the worst wild beasts in there and be ready to encounter a lot of weird creatures. Find food and supplies, build camps, and clear a road to continue your journey. Unlock every single level in this game. You will have to travel all across 50 levels with surprise in every level. You will have to unlock more than 60 achievements and you can try three different play modes.




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