How To Get Blingo Moshling

Moshi Monsters players always asked a secret code to get Blingo moshling to me. So I am very interesting to talk about this Flashy Fox since he became popular with Blingo’s song called “Digging Ya Lingo”. Also he raps at the end of song Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair’s Too Long) sung by Zack Binspin. I think you still remember that, right? How to get Blingo on Moshi Monsters, of course… Read More »

Buster Bumblechops is a guy behind Monstro City. As a moshling expert and collector, he is know everything about moshlings secrets. Buster commonly posts in the Daily Growl talk about a specific moshling. Now, you can buy his book titled “The Moshling Collector’s Guide” at nearest department store in the UK or at Mind Candy shop I have got answers from my question ‘Hi Buster ho do I get… Read More »

The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt Cheats

The Pirate Takeover Moshi Monsters island, now they have released the Moshi Treasure Hunt Finale that starting from 5th June 2013 until 1 week (11th June), a new part will out everyday. Let’s play to complete mission ASAP, so you get each reward. I think it’s like the scavenger hunt! what do you think? Part 1 – DAY 1 – June 5th Open your map, go to Main Street then… Read More »

How To Get Sweeney Blob Moshling

Brand new moshling on moshi monsters has been out. It is Sweeney Blob #46 the Splodgy Sucker is a common Moshling from Sploshies set that you can find also in the sixth series of Moshling figures. To get Sweeney Blob very easy just complete the final part of “Great Moshi Treasure Hunt” (members only) But if you are not yet members, you can still get him using the seed flower… Read More »

Fastest Way To Level Up On Moshi Monsters

Fast level up on moshi monsters is easy although they only allows us to earn a certain number of points each day to keep the game fair to everyone in Monstro City yeah.. Here are moshi monsters cheats for level up you should know and do it: You need more friends, leave comment so anybody will add you! Make sure have a good health and happiness (above 500), The fast… Read More »

How To Get Dustbin Beaver Moshling

Dustbin Beaver Moshling #104 the Moptop Tweenybop is parody of Justin Beaver . In Moshi Monsters he is an exclusive moshling which you need to subscribe to the Moshi Magazine website at and you will get 1 unique code will arrive via your email. Plant a secret seed Trashy Tulip with two any other seeds in your Moshling Garden, and wait about 6 hours then Dustbin Beaver will be… Read More »

Moshi Monsters Membership Codes

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes is the best choice to people to try the game before become subscribe the usual membership from Mind Candy Ltd. With my free codes below you can feel taste of Play the real Moshi Monsters in your computer. Trial Membership Codes The Moshi team give away free Trial Membership access for 24 hours. Now to get it just visit and follow these steps: You… Read More »

Moshi Monsters Coloring Pages

Moshi Monsters Printable Coloring Pages is best drawing for you and I am pretty sure it’s fun! Easy to create very own wonderful pictures. Just Click on the image then Save As -> Copy and Paste to A4 in Microsoft Word then Print out. Prepare your coloring pencils and do it. I have several characters to be colored as you to taste in all moshi monster names.. everyone loves!!! Coloring… Read More »

Moshi Monsters Sign In

To do Moshi Monsters login, you need have an account first, it’s free for everyone. Make sure have permission from your parents. For new player Go to then Adopt A Monster’ to begin. You can create your monster name (username), password and choose a monster to adopt. Don’t forget give them beautiful color!!! With simple steps now you have moshi monsters account. To login in the game can do… Read More »

Moshi Monsters Moshlings

Moshlings is small creature of moshi monsters, in other games called as ‘Pet’. Anyone able to catch moshi monsters moshlings the save into their Moshling Zoo. Some moshlings is ultra rare and needs a secret combination of seeds which planting in your Garden. Moshi Members can keep up to 6 moshi monsters moshlings in their room, and non members can keep only 2 Moshlings. Each Moshling has unique name, shapes, different… Read More »