Pokemon Black And White Pokedex

By | February 23, 2015
Pokemon Black and White Pokedex

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Finding all species of pokemon is challenging fun you can play. It is a series of games which will ask you much time to complete. You have to find some species in each game. It is not always easy though. Therefore, finding a help will be so beneficial. I think you should know first all about the Pokemon Pokedex.

Do you need assistance to fill your Pokemon Black and White Pokedex? In this game part, there are 156 creatures introduced. The story follows the previous games in the series. It is about two player characters who travel a new region named Unova. It is like Hoenn games. What makes it different is the legendary Pokemon with number #000 named Victini. Finding all of those 156 species in this region can be a little bit tricky. You may miss some. Fortunately, you can simply use the free help offered on the net which provides the key information of Pokemon’s location, stats and other bits of strategic advice.

It is not a smooth trip to pass in collecting all the species in Unova region. The players will have to battle eight Gym Leaders, the evil Team Plasma and some more enemies. If you have completed this game, you will be able to continue to its sequel, Black 2 and White 2. (Read also about Pokemon at: Wikipedia).

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