Pokemon Go Team Rocket

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Have you got a pokemon go apk from me? Well time to see more of the character of the antagonist in this game is Pokemon GO Team Rocket.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket

Team Rocket (ロ ケ ッ ト 団 Roketto Dan?) is a enemy character from Pokemon which is the first syndicate described in the Pokemon series. Team Rocket led by Giovanni. Team Rocket consisting of Jessie and James together a cat ‘Meowth’. Jessie is a red-haired woman and James actually son of a rich man.

Check out this video if want to know how to play Pokemon Go as a Team Rocket:

Team Rocket tried to find rare pokemons. James was born of a wealthy (millionaires). When she was young, her parents intend to marry him to a woman named Jessiebelle. But James does not agree with his parents, he decided to run away run away from home and will not return again to his family. He then attend technical schools Pokémon, but unfortunately he was with his friend, Jessie expelled from the school. They both eventually joined by Team Rocket. James was back home, when he heard his parents died. He also met with Jessiebelle, but she decided not to carry out the orders of his parents had of marrying Jessiebelle. He then returned to Team Rocket along with Jessie and Meowth.

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