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puzzle_forge-2-logoPuzzle Forge 2 is a nice casual game and a fun match game. Gamers will play as a blacksmith and helps heroes to burn their blade. The gameplay is pretty simple. You only have to put the resources on the board and start to forge the weapon. Create the great weapon and the great equipment and sell it to heroes. Every time you create and sell equipment, you will earn gold and experience. The higher experience will allow you to increase your skill. And as the result, there might be a hero who attracted to your talent.

In the Puzzle Forge 2, you can build 2000 different weapons. This is possible thanks to the unique creation system of the game. You can also add gems to enhance your creations. As the result, you will make the better equipment and weapon. There also a unique system that allows the gamers to earn spells and magic items. You can get it in quests and use them to make the better weapons.

Overall, Puzzle Forge 2 looks like similar as RPG game. You have to get experience to increase the skill. You can meet heroes with the strange requests as well. But if you accomplish it, you will get the great rewards.

As a casual game, Puzzle Forge 2 looks fun in terms of the graphic. The graphic is pretty simple, minimalist and colorful. Without any high detail graphic, it looks like a cartoon. But this is the attraction of this game. With the simple graphic, the simple gameplay and the challenging quests, this game focuses on the game story very well.

In this game, you can make several types of weapons. For the speed, claw is the best. But for attack, hammer is much better than the other weapons. You can make a weapon or a shield by combining several items. For example, the formula is blade+blade+blade. For an axe, you need blade+handle+plate. You can also get gem, molds, spells and potions in the shop. But for the unique items, you have to obtain it in the quests.

Playing Puzzle Forge 2 will be fun. Although it has a simple gameplay and simple graphic, it deserved to play. In the Google Play, it also get the good rating and obtains the good responds. This game supports Android 2.3 and up. So compatibility is not a big problem, especially for now. If you want to try this game, you can get it here.

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