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Roads Of Rome 3Like its predecessors, Roads of Rome 3 allows players to restore the Roman empire that was previously attacked and destroyed by the barbarians. It is a building-centric time management game where small groups of Roman citizen are organized to re-build the city and maintain the life of the Roman empire. You will be setting out tasks and orders, to achieve goals and and complete the construction.

Most of the times you will be required to collect gold, crystals, stones, harvest wood, and gather food from the berry bushes and farms. These items are fundamental in helping you complete the process of construction of buildings, settlements, roads, and most importantly, to shoo away the barbarians that are persistently trying to attack the peaceful Roman empire. You can always assign tasks to your free workers. However, you need thoughtful management of your resources as tasked workers are not allowed to do other things until they are finished with the current assigned work. This is important as you would not want to run out of workers when the barbarian attacks come. Dividing work carefully allows you to make the most of collecting the most important stuffs that will help maintain the continuation of your construction.

One new feature upgrade is the installation of the pumping station. You can collect water from here. The water is mainly used to put out fires as the Roman empire is on fire due to the attacks of the barbarians in the beginning of the story. Although the water pump is not always used, it helps save the construction a lot from further destruction caused by the barbarians. Other exciting features that you can find include sawmills, gold mines, quarries, and many others, which can be upgraded to allow you to collect even more valuable items which can increase the work productivity.

The Roads of Rome 3 offers you with 40 levels that are neither too difficult nor too simple. The game offers 3 additional bonus levels if all the 40 levels are finished within the expert time range. The bonuses provide an increased speed of workers, increase of production, and other advantageous treats for you to further speed up the construction. The game also provide 4 playing modes you can choose; relaxed mode, easy, normal, and hard mode. This allows flexibility in playing, allowing the players to be able to enjoy the most of their playing time.

The game’s objective is never an obsession to winning. It is a mind-relaxing and management learning game which you can play anytime and anywhere.

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Roads Of Rome 3
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Roads Of Rome 3

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