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By | October 18, 2014

The application of SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the favorite applications so that it is listed as one of the award winning applications. It has a great feature on helping you on typing. It makes the activity to be much simpler and faster. Now, you can easily get the latest version of this application. That is the SwiftKey Keyboard You can easily find the application and download it from Google Play Store. This application offers a bunch of great features which can be easily enjoyed by the users. That is including the features of the prediction for the next words and of course the auto correct. A lot of themes are also available in this application. A bunch of features in a full packed will give you the simplicity to customize based on what you need and want. This application can be a good companion for you who like texting and typing since it can make the activities to be a lot of fun and simpler.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Improvements of SwiftKey Keyboard

Improvements and also changes often made on a new version of an application. That is something interesting to know before we download and use a new application or the new version one. For SwiftKey Keyboard, there are some improvements which we can find. The improvements are:

  • Feature of Flow-Trails which are well improved
  • There are also some choices of new languages in this application setting
  • The flow accuracy and also prediction engine is already improved in this version
  • There is also the new feature of the dedicated number rows which are optional
  • There is the support for Emoji with about eighty hundred choices there which can be representative
  • There is the feature of Emoji prediction and also learning
  • There is also the additional new default theme which is adorable
  • The SwiftKey Store offers about more than thirty themes and also counting.

Those are what you will find as the improvement of SwiftKey Keyboard compared to the previous version.

Features of SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the useful Android applications which can be really helpful for you to make typing, including texting to be much more fun, simpler, and faster. This application has been fully packed in a bunch of features which can be customized based on your need and comfort. The proper layout which can be suitable for any kind of screen with any sizes is also great for the users with any kinds of devices. That is including the feature of Emoji and themes in the very great choices.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard APK

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