Syberia 2 (Full) Apk + Data V1.0.0 for Android

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Syberia-2Fresh challenging and fun experience in the new journey of the New York’s young smart and beautiful lawyer, Kate Walker. The first version of the jouney 1.0.0 of Syberia 2 now comes for you who have waited and missed Miss Walker with her new quest to reveal another mystery still in Syberia.

The game creator wants to follow the remarkable success from the saga of Kate Walker in the previous Syberian journey by bringing the next title and invite you to return into the epic journey. Join millions players worldwide to embark the new adventure of Kate Walker in tracking down Hans Voralberg, an old eccentric man that is presumed to be dead for his journey to Europe.

The mission has to be done by Miss Walker is for tracking down an eccentric man that was presumed deceased, Hans Voralberg who had journey in Europe and Kate must search him from eastern Europe to the West. When Kate has finally found the track and she is about to get finished her mission that is Voralberg’s sign for papers about buyout of Automaton Company. It should be the end of the journey but the fact says different. The simple mission then turns out impossible quest to the long-wasted world where the fabled mammoths of Syberian are homed as the journey initially embarked by Voralberg upon some periods ago and put them into hostile biomes with brave and toughness.


  • Benoit Sokal as the game creator also weaves the storyline and final part of the story plot

  • Adventurous heroic journey on the periphery of fantasy and dreams

  • Spectacular visuals, comprehensive action with real emotion depth at story twists and turns

  • Particular and more intriguing game heroes

  • More-intense film sequences joined the story plot

S2 brings to all adventure game lovers the fresh adventurous and epic quest of the young smart lawyer from New York who started the new simple mission then end up at full of intrigue and dangerous missions with final purpose to accomplish mission to the very end and she is alive.


  • S2 is an adventure game brought by French game developer, Anuman

  • S2 is still in initial version of 1.0.0

  • The sequel follow the success of initial title and now has received 4.8 stars as ratings

  • To play the game in Android device, it requires android version of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the minimum




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