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Sygic Gps Navigation & MapsSygic is an app for android to guide the direction which is mostly installed by android owners worldwide.

This app is an offline GPS and map navigation that is installed on the external memory so the navigation can be done without necessity of network connection. The update will be periodically available for every 3 months and it is free.

This navigation app is brought by TomTom Maps and offers some freebies such as GPS, offline maps, navigation, route plans and map updates at no charge.

To use the navigation service, premium upgrade is necessary to enjoy the deluxe forever features such as 3D maps, navigation in real time, voiced and turn by turn, lane guide, velocity maximum alert and junction view with path sign arrow at multiple intersections.


– Perceptive voice guidance in many different languages

– High quality map stored on the device by TomTom

– Pass-border routing and navigation with no necessary switching countries or to less detail map

– Only GPS required, internet connection is not necessary

– Millions POIs to install for free

– Free updates for map, POI database, fixed velocity camera

– HUD is available as in-app purchase item

– Easy orientation with 3D quality Cities and landscapes

– Walking lane navigation to explore

– Flexible lane navigation for safe lane transformation

– Junction perception to feature lane exists

– Alerts for over velocity limit and fixed velocity cams

– Police trick alerts from other rider

– To keep focusing on the street, the street names will be spoken

– Three option of alternative routes

– Easy route editing by dragging and dropping

– Way spots for area want to visit

– Toll road avoiding route

– Optimized images for tablet and HD screen

– Integrated to car audio system with cable or Bluetooth

– TripAdvisor service is freely downloadable in Sygic official store

– Groupon offers in U.S.


– Traffic route without delay for routine commute

– Get instruction from many original voices of celebrities

– HUD projects GPS guidance onto the windshield

Free maps are available to support navigation more than 100 hundred areas in 5 continents worldwide.

Find free maps of your country based on alphabetical orders from A to Z from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

Premium map is only available for Kazakhstan.

This map app for android is very useful for daily use with attractive presentation and turn by turn navigation.

Instruction :
If you have actually the application set up with the exact same version folder – Install over it.
If not the same version of the folder, install in the following order:.

Uninstall the previous version and erase the folder Sygic

More Info At Play Store

Download GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v15.3.10 Full Apk

Direct Download

APK + Base Folder


Base v194 (14.07.2015) + LequendoTTS:


TomTom Maps FULL Europe 2015.03:
Navteq Maps FULL Europe 2015.03:

Navteq Maps FULL Europe 2014.09:
TomTom Maps FULL Europe 2014.09:

MAPS Downloader
TomTom Maps 2015.03 Dowwnloader:

Navteq Maps 2015.03 Dowwnloader:

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