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The Cell GameThe Socibox Games is proud to be present you the new and revolutionary game of the year of 2016 with the name of “The Cell”. In the event that you are looking for a breath taking action game which offers many different options, different settings as well as different stages with increasing difficulty, your search will be over starting from today. This 3rd person shooter action game which will be both indoor and outdoor settings and it will allow you to have fun whenever you are bored. You will be a soldier who is going to save the day by eliminating your enemies in all stages. You will need pure skills to control the hero of the game and let him to escape from the cell which he was locked in and looking a way out from there. You will use different guns and different vehicles such as helicopters in You are locked by people with bad intentions and all of them are willing to destroy the world which you are and your family are living in. You are the only soldier who is capable to stop them however the army you are facing with is also consisting of experienced soldiers like you. Who is the world’s biggest and best soldier? You or the others? It is time for you to prove them who is the boss! Leave everything you are planning to do today and prepare yourself for an intensive ga
meplay which is full with fun. We believe that you will leave all the games aside until you complete all the missions and allow your character to save the world without any doubt. The destiny of our world and the people we love is in your fingertips and your high gaming skills as well as your reflexes which are as sharp as an eagle. Come and guide us in the battle we try to save the world from bad people. Lead us through the victory with your command and bring that good days back!

– Use your abilities and mind to decide what you have to do in your next plan while you are already acting. Show them who is the real soldier with your advanced combat techniques and talents.
– Handle the challenging moments with your calm attitude even there is a war in front of you.
– Find your enemies, vehicles and other staff which will make it possible for you to save the world.
– With the latest technology used in the game you will be able to feel the joy of the high quality gameplay without any interruptions. All of the graphics are designed with a special care to maximize the game
– The game can be played in any portable device. Also you do not have an internet connection once you download the game to play it. It is specially designed to provide maximum efficiency to save the power of your batter for a maximum gameplay.
We bet you will never witness such a logical and science fiction in a 3rd person shooter action game. You will embrace the character you will play and even you will hold your breath from time to time due to high pressure on you while you are playing the game. The Cell is consisting of 6 different stages with different environment and different tools to play with. Also you will have six different types of guns to use to accomplish all the tasks you need to undertake. You will start to play in an island which your cell is in there. You need to locate the enemy team and overcome the difficulties you will face while you are proceeding towards the end of the stage.
When you will complete the task 1, you will go under the island into a secret establishment. The whole
stage will be played indoor and you have to find a way out to go out from that secret building. You must find the right door which opens to the island however you will need to try a lot to find the way. You will realize that you cannot find the door yet, and you will have more powerful enemies with You will need strong shooter skills to accomplish this task but here is the good news; you will find the door you are looking for in this chapter.

Additional Information
March 18, 2016
1 – 5
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up
Content Rating
Extreme ViolenceThe Cell Game1

The Cell Game2

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