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The Simpsons Tapped OutFor game lovers, especially for The Simpsons lovers, you can go preparing yourself to enjoy the fun of the game. Sure, this game is really great if you are a game lover who are also always in love with The Simpsons. Here, in this game, you will find Springfield which is wiped out because of an accident. Of course, now the look and condition of the city will depend on you. Of course, in this game the player has to rebuild the city. The players can easily reconstruct the city to be as beautiful as possible and totally comfy. Here is the great fun you will enjoy in this game:

  • Anyone is able getting and enjoying this fun game with no cost. Sure, it is completely free for you.
  • The players have the freedom to make Springfield to be as they really dream about.
  • The players can help Homer for locating his family and also friends. That is including Lisa, Bart, Marge, and anyone else there.
  • You can obtain a lot of donuts by completing the tasks there.
  • The player can go to Kwik E Mart for the better shifts for your job in this game.
  • At Cletus’ Ranch, the player needs also increasing the harvest Tomacco.
  • Visiting Duff Brewery with Duffman for enjoying the party will also be the part of this game that the player can enjoy.
  • Based on the conform-o meter, the player will simple be able knowing about his or her stack up of the gluttony, indolence, and also consumerism.
  • That also can be the appreciation regarding to the TV comedy which is really popular.
  • The player also can see others’ Springfield look and design. The player also can see the rank as well.
  • You also can make everything in Springfield different yet unique. That is including for the entertainers at Waterfront and also rides at Krustyland.
  • Sure, once again it is the free fun thing to obtain.

Springfield is Never Been Better

Sure, in this game, you will look Springfield in the best condition since you can make it in the best condition. Besides of that, in this game, you will enjoy the best look of Springfield because it uses the HD graphic for the better and best look. The languages which are provided in this game are also in the wider ranges. You need to consider and notice as well that this application require you to use internet link which is consistent.

What you Will Get in This Game Application

  • The player needs to help saving the Springfield season by upgrading it in the most current one.
  • Fulfilling the challenges while collecting the gifts will give the player great experience of the real vacation.
  • Getting anything in the brand new thing, such like the embellishment, personality, and even structure.

What’s New
The duels are done and even the ghosts have left this ghost town. With everyone settling back to normal, what could be next for Springfield? A suped-up sequel? A new take on an origin story? An ominously foreshadowing political thriller? We’re not sure yet because Gary accidentally took his work computer on vacation. Not cool Gary!
New characters, new buildings and new stories are coming soon!
Stay tuned!

Featuring :

  •  10+ Structures.
  •  20+ Decorations.
  •  50+ New Squares of Land.
  •  A brand-new glamorous beach fit for rest and relaxation.
  •  And A lot more to Come!
  • Take your Springfield to New Heights!

Mod :

  •  Infinite Cash.
  •  Infinite Donuts.
  •  Ban-Protection.
  •  Your account will not be stuck to billions of donuts (no server-sync)!
  • Free Shopping.
  •  Your existing donuts will stay!
  • The cheats work in Krustlyland!
  • The cheats work after all the latest ingame updates (clientside mod)!
  • The cheats work with and without origin login!
  • How do I turn on the Free Shopping Cheat, Unlimited Donuts Cheat & Unlimited Cash Cheat?

Additional Information
September 20, 2016
50,000,000 – 100,000,000
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3.3 and up
Content Rating
Sexual Innuendo, Gambling

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