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By | March 27, 2015

Timelines Assault on AmericaAnother strategy game from Strategy First that brings the captivating fun for the android device now comes with Timelines: Assault in America. Bring the storyline of a fictional World War II; it is a real time tactical game where the main issue is German invasion to U.S. the game requires hardware minimum specification that is 1 GB for minimum RAM memory and for tablet PC, 7” display is the minimum to provide. For world war or historical avid gamers, this game can be one of the most sought after to play.


In July 1942, the era of WWII, the US OSS got information from the disguise German stand against the 3rd Reich. The OSS launch an operation called Wolf’s Head where top shooters concealed among a parade to honor Hitler. Thousands witnesses salute and cheer the car wherein the 3rd Reigh was inside. Gun shots followed by crowd feared screams heard. In a tensely panic situation, some officers take a look into the car where they saw two bullets in the Hitler’s head then a voice shouts ‘He’s dead!’ A day after it when the chaos are still occurred, there you go, to get involved in the conflict where the US. Army must protect their country


  • 12 missions ending up in the warfare in Washington DC

  • 4 player domicile multiplayer to opt out from 9 countries to play such as UK, USA, France, Japan, German, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Russia

  • Various playing mode including Multiplayer, PvP and Player versus A.I.

  • Multiplayer enable for cross platform among OC, MAC, IOS, LINUX, and Android

  • 20 upgradeable unit kinds per nation for vehicles and whole infantry up to 200 upgrades that can be used such as trucks, tanks, commander transports, stationary weapons and more others

  • Protective strategies such as minifield burying, stationary minarets and anti-tank attack

  • Air force skills for dreadful special strikes

  • Get skill for AI that adapts to the skill level of player

  • Escalated terrains assisting for various strategic ideas

  • Supports for several languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian not to mention English

TAA is developed and brought by Strategy First and the latest version is 1.7.8. The game offers in-app buying. It requires android device that has supported for android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The excellent graphic quality is also supported by audio engine developed by FMOD Studio from Fireflies Technologies. To get more information, update and sharing from other player worldwide you can check out discussion forum from Strategyfirst.com.

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Timelines Assault on America 2

Timelines Assault on America 1

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