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XModGames Apk an android application which serves to modify the game or commonly known as a cheat. On this XModGames you can choose which ones you want to cheat in, including games that can mod by this application is Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool (Line Length HOT!), Line Rangers, Suway Surfers, and many more games which can be in the mod by this application. But these applications can only be run if your phone has rooted!


xmodegames 1

xmodegames 2

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How to Use XModGames:

  1. Install APK
  2. Open XModGames
  3. Make sure the game will be on-mod already installed on your Android
  4. Select games which want to mod
  5. Tap button “Install Mod” on the bottom
  6. Then tap “Launch”
  7. Once opened, there will be a button (X) It serves to set MOD on the game
  8. Done!

Password: www.rialsoft.com

NOTE: Your phone must be Rooted!

List of games that work with XMODGAMES and their cheat features:

Clash of Clans

  1. Search conditions: “Gold”,”Elixir”,”Dark Elixir”, “Get Trophy More Than”, “Max Town Hall Level”are five conditions for searching your opponent.
  2. SandBox Attack (Simulate Attack)
  3. Keep Active (You Never Get Attacked While The App is Active)
  4. Town hall near edge:a search condition for villages with townhalls near the edge of map.
  5. Real Time Trap:Works in Real Attack/Replay.Turn it ON and restart the modded game to activate!

8 Ball Pool
Features:Unlimited Guideline.

Candy Crush Saga

  1. Unlimited moves
  2. Unlimited Lives
  3. Score Multiplier

Boom Beach

  1. Simulate Statues Building
  2. Keep active
  3. Simulate attack

Subway Surfer
Coins Multiplier 1~150.

Fun Run2
Features:Nitro Boost for every Mystic Box

Candy Crush Soda

  1. Unlimited Lives
  2. Score Multiplier

Clash of Kings

  1. Auto Collect: Automatically collect resources as you enter the game.
  2. Skip FREE Building: Automatically skip building cooldown for the last five minutes

Minecraft PE

  1. Full HP: Tap to heal (Respawn to reactivate in saved files)
  2. Day/Night Switch (Set Daytime or Nighttime)
  3. Block Breaker (Instantly break blocks).

Farm Heroes Saga

  1. Unlimited Moves
  2. Unlimited Lives

Simponsons Tapped Out

  1. Money Multiplier:when you get Money,it will times 1-20
  2. XP Multiplier:when you get Experience,it will times 1-20
  3. unlimited donuts

Plants vs. Zombies 2

  1. Initial Sun Value 3000.
  2. Coins Multiplier.

Dead Trigger 2
Features:Infinite ammo in missions

The Sims: FreePlay

  1. No matter how much money you get, there will be extra $1000 added on top of that.
  2. LP: If LP increased, it will be multiplied by 5.
  3. XP: If XP increased, it will be multiplied by 5.

Features:unlimited power credits

Bubble Witch Saga 2

  1. Unlimited Lives.
  2. Scores Multiplier.

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